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The ultimate solution for your
paint booth needs.

Proper spray booths contribute to increasing productivity in your application processes. Achieve flawless finishes and reduce drying times.

ICAFe Companies collaborates with Global Finishing Solutions and other suppliers to design customized paint booths.

what we offer


A proper blast booth can be
designed and engineered for your
application whatever your budget
from a fully equipped blast room
with recovering and dust collection
to a simple sweep in recovery system.


Wash booths can be designed for
manual or automatic operations.
They can also designed to
accommodate a variety of
conveyor types. These booths
are often partnered with wastewater
recycle systems to achieve zero
liquid discharge.

paint & powder

Paint and powder booths
provide a clean space for coating
applications it is necessary for booth
to provide adequate air flow, dust collection,
and lighting to achieve a
high quality paint job.


Continuos and batch process
ovens with uniform air flow and
temperature gradients ensure
the coatings cures evenly. Infrared emitters
can be used to decrease cure times.

Air filtration is essential
in any booths

Increase the functionality of your spray booth with proper periodic maintenance. The correct filtration in your booths can save us a lot of headaches in this industry where any error in our processes can affect our production. ICAFe Companies helps you to find the best filter option to fit your needs.

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