Maximize the quality and consistency of your industrial painting process with a top-of-the-line cure oven, ensuring uniform curing and superior finish for all your coated parts.

Remember that the type of drying in your processes is very important and helps to produce a quality finish. Curing ovens are essential, very efficient and very economical in fuel consumption, therefore ICAFe Companies help you integrating the option that best fitss your process.


Convection ovens

Using convection ovens in your paint process can provide faster and more uniform heating, resulting in better coating adhesion, reduced cycle times, and improved productivity.

Infrared or electric ovens

Infrared or electronic ovens can offer faster heating and curing times, reduced energy consumption, and more precise temperature control, resulting in improved coating quality and increased production efficiency in your paint process.

Catalytic gas ovens

Catalytic gas ovens can provide even and consistent heat distribution, reduced energy consumption, and shorter curing times, resulting in improved paint adhesion and finish quality, and increased productivity in your paint process.

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