About Us

Who we are

“ICAFe Companies specializes in fluid handling solutions in sectors such as Automotive, Wood, Agriculture, Electronics, Metal fabrication, Forniture, Mining, Leisure &Power Sports and General Industry as well as being a specialized company in Automotive Collisions Repair.”

ICAFe started in 1944 and has expanded through organic growth and strategic acquisition. We currently service the Midwest, Southeast, West Coast and all of Mexico.

what we offer


Maximizing production efficiency is the perpetual goal of manufacturing companies—and surface finishing is no exception.


ICAFe Companies emphasize safety in the products, systems, and services that we provide.


Our team takes the necessary time to properly analyze the individual requirements of each of our customers.


Starting from the first contact, throughout the process of consultations, ending with the completion of the order and delivery. You can count on us.


The industrial production processes move towards automation, and we actively follow the trends. In our services, we rely on innovative.


ICAFe Companies offers all its clients the expertise of its entire staff. More than 30 years of experience behind us

The evolution of a leader