Parts Washing

ICAFe specializes in system integration and providing custom turnkey solutions to clients’ unique finishing processes.

Within ICAFe Companies, our particular expertise lies in process equipment related to the washing and pretreatment of parts.

We understand the importance of proper surface treatment and the challenges involved in achieving maximum adhesion and durability in a coating process.

batch parts washers

Batch parts washers such as cabinet style, front-load, and top-load washers are extremely versatile washing systems that can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Washers can be customized with a variety of tray table sizes, platforms, spray nozzles, etc. to suit individual needs.


Immersion washers use a combination of mechanical motions within a liquid bath to degrease, clean, or strip parts.

Washers can be setup in single or multiple stages and customized with ultrasonics and automation.

pass-through washers

Conveyorized Pass-Through washers can come in standard or aqueous configurations to complete a variety of tasks.

They are designed for the in-line cleaning of machined parts and are offered with cycles for wash, rinse, blow-off or dry.

in-line batch

In-line batch washers are an integral part of many small to medium sized finishing processes. Parts are moved through the wash booth on a conveyor, and an operator or automated system washes and pretreats the parts.

These wash booths are often tied to chemical and waste water recovery and recycle systems to lower operation costs and maximize efficiency.

in-line continuous

Continuous in-line wash systems can be configured with any number of stages to produce the cleanliness and surface properties required by nearly any process.

The wash systems are scaled to the size of the process’s throughput and produce consistent results not dependent upon operator skill.