Blasting & Deburring

Abrasive blasting and deburring are often necessary to provide an appropriate surface for a finishing process.

In addition, they can also be used as effective cleaning techniques.

ICAFe Companies offer offline batch blasting and deburring equipment as well as the ability to automate and integrate it into your process. We also work with vendors that provide unique solutions that can cut down cleaning time immensely in the proper application with dry ice and sponge blasting.

Switching to a recyclable abrasive used with recovery and cleaning equipment can significantly increase savings and enhance a substrate’s surface profile.

Some recyclable abrasives can be used hundreds of times over before needing to be disposed of. An efficient blast facility for pieces of all sizes can often pay for itself in media savings alone in less than a year.

ICAFe Companies have the ability to integrate contained abrasive blasting into many finishing processes.

From a simple sweep-in recovery system to a full blast room with automated recovery and dust collection, a blasting application can be designed for nearly any budget.

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