Spray Guns

Liquid coatings continue to dominate the landscape of the industrial coatings marketplace. As customers demand better performance, consistency, and quality out of their coatings.

They also demand better efficiency, flexibility, and economy out of their liquid application equipment.

The technology of liquid coating is always evolving, and our staff of dedicated technical salesman can help improve both your company’s coating process and bottom line.

ICAFe Companies represent many of the biggest brands in manual spray guns.

With hundreds of different guns on the market and thousands of customization options, it’s important to select the correct one.

We have been providing manual coating solutions for over half a century.

Our pool of experience and attention to developing technologies will allow us to help you find the right spray gun.

Conventional and HVLP air spray
Rotary atomizers
Tanks and pressure cups
2K Plural component
Airless air-assist
Robotic applicators
High and low pressure pumps