Filtration Systems, Media, and Parts

Filters of various types: Serfilco, Mefiag, Slimline, Flo-King
Filter pumps
Filter parts for the above makes (Minimum $ requirements may apply)
Filter cartridges
Filter disks
Filter paper
Filter bags
Flo-King pumps, accessories and parts as well as rebuilding available
Filter presses, cloths and parts for all brands

Pumps & Parts

Graco, Wilden, ARO, Sandpiper, Yamada and Warren Rupp diaphragm pumps
Diaphragm pump parts and rebuild kits ($50 minimum order)
LaBour, Taber, Dickow, March, Thompson, Little Giant, Iwaki/Walchem, Ransburg and Finnish Thompson
Brightener feeders pumps: JP Tech, LMI, Pulsafeeder, Pulsatron, Mesa West and Gorman Rupp
Drum pumps: Lutz, Serfilco, Sethco, Finish Thompson, Galway and Flux
Drum pump parts for all brands above and rebuilding (Serfilco)
Penguin pumps and parts
Sethco pumps and parts
Industrial grade chemical resistant sump pumps (Perfecta, BJM)

Heat Exchangers

Serpentine coils
Grid coils
Plate coils
Plate and frame and parts
George Fischer PVDF nonmetallic heat exchangers and repairs
Electric heaters, RTD sensors, Fuses and Controls for both Process Technology and Clepco
Palm heat exchangers and controllers

Tanks, Liners. & Tank Repairs

Tanks: poly, steel (lined or unlined), stainless steel, fiberglass, lead and others, custom built
Molded tanks
In-house tank repairs poly, rubber and Koroseal
Drop in flexible tank liners, PVC and Koroseal
Rigid tank liners

Air Handling & Scrubbing

Ventilation repairs
Fume scrubbers along with repairs and annual, semi-annual, or quarterly Maintenance

Plating Barrels & Spin Dryers

Danglers for plating barrels
Plating barrels (Hardwood, Singleton and Napco)
Plating barrel parts for above brands
Spin dryers (Auto-Technology, New Holland and Desco) and parts
Baskets of various types: poly, steel and stainless

Waste Treatment

Filter presses, cloths and parts for all brands
Waste treatment mixers (Lightnin)
Waste treatment tanks
Eco-Tec recovery systems www.eco-tec.com
Carbolux carbonate, sulfate and chloride removal
Sludge boxes and bags
Oil skimming systems of many types


American Plating Power
Dynatronix switchmodes


Anode bags
Anode baskets and hooks
Titanium clad anode bars
Chrome anodes
Carbon/Inert anodes


Wet/Dry Vacs that are chemical resistant
Turnkey plating lines
Singleton and Auto Technology salt spray chambers and parts
Air agitation blowers (Spencer)
Chillers (Sterling)
Fiberglass I-Beams for under tank support
GF Signet items
Tank Magnets
Equipment removal and install services