Blast Booths

ICAFe Companies have the ability to integrate contained abrasive blasting into many finishing processes.

From a simple sweep-in recovery system to a full blast room with automated recovery and dust collection, a blasting application can be designed for nearly any budget.


The blast booth contains the blast process, and it is sized in order to provide sufficient space for the maximum-sized work in order for the operator to move freely.

Brightly lit and well-positioned lights increase quality and efficiency of blasting operations.


Blast enclosures are equipped with one of several different types of recovery systems based on the blasting media.

ICAFe Companies work with Clemco Industrial™ to offer purposed-built recovery systems including belt conveyors, screw conveyors, hoppers, Flat-Trak®, and M-Section®.

Recovery System
Media Cleaning System
Blast Enclosure
Operator Safety
Work-Piece Handing
Dust Collection
Blasting System
Compressed Air Supply