Motion & Control Technologies

Motion and control technologies can be found on and around everything that moves.

Seneca Fluid Technologies works with Parker Hannifin to provide precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of industrial markets.

cylinders & linear actuators

Parker Hannifin manufacturers pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric linear actuators and cylinders that deliver efficient performance and low maintenance throughout the life of the cylinder.

They are the largest manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders to the industrial marketplace and offer the most complete selection of NFPA hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in the world.

rotary actuators

Rotary actuators are ubiquitous in industrial plants and perform a huge range of applications. In fluid control, they are responsible for opening and closing valves—controlling flow and vessel levels.

They perform many automation tasks such as opening and closing doors, clamping, providing tension, material handling, and conveyor switching.

flow control & sensor

Parker Hannifin has an extensive line of devices capable of delivering precise and reliable control over a processes’ unit operations.

Regulators, flow meters, sensors, monitors, suppressors, siphons, and isolators provide explicit management and diagnostics on every part of a system.