Filtration Systems, Media, and Parts

  • Filters of various types: Serfilco, Mefiag, Slimline, Flo-King
  • Filter pumps
  • Filter parts for the above makes
  • Filter cartridges
  • Filter disks
  • Filter paper
  • Filter bags
  • Flo-King pumps, accessories, and parts as well as rebuilding available
  • Filter presses, cloths, and parts for all brands

Pumps and Parts

  • Graco, Wilden, ARO, Sandpiper, Yamada and Warren Rupp diaphragm pumps
  • Diaphragm pump parts and rebuild kits
  • LaBour, Taber, Dickow, March, Thompson, Little Giant, Iwaki/Walchem, Ransburg, and Finish Thompson
  • Brightener feeder pumps: JP Tech, LMI, Pulsafeeder, Pulsatron, Mesa West, and Gorman Rupp
  • Drum pumps: Lutz, Serfilco, Setcho, Finish Thompson, Galway, and Flux
  • Drum pump parts for all brands above and rebuilding (Serfilco)
  • Penguin pumps and parts
  • Setcho pumps and parts
  • Industrial grade chemical resistant sump pump (Perfecta, BJM)

Heat Exchangers

  • Serpentine coils
  • Grid coils
  • Plate coils
  • Plate and frame and parts
  • George Fischer PVDF nonmetallic heat exchangers and repairs
  • Electric heaters, RTD sensors, fuses and controls for both Process Technology and Clepco
  • Palm heat exchangers and controllers

Tanks, Liners, and Tank Repairs

  • Tanks: poly, steel (line or unlined), stainless steel, fiberglass, lead and others, custom built
  • Molded tanks
  • In-house tank repairs: poly, rubber, and Koroseal
  • Drop-in flexible tank liners, PVC and Koroseal
  • Rigid tank liners

Air Handling and Scrubbing

  • Ventilation
  • Ventilation Repairs
  • Fume scrubbers along with repairs and annual, semi-annual, or quarterly maintenance

Plating Barrels and Spin Dryers

  • Danglers for plating barrels
  • Plating barrels (Hardwood, Singleton and Napco)
  • Plating barrel parts for above brands
  • Spin dryers (Auto-Technology, New Holland, and Desco) and parts
  • Baskets of various types: poly, steel, and stainless

Waste Treatment

  • Filter presses, cloths, and parts for all brands
  • Waste treatment mixers
  • Waste treatment tanks
  • Eco-Tec recovery systems
  • Carbolux carbonate, sulfate, and choride removal
  • Sludge boxes and bags
  • Oil skimming systems of many types


  • Aldonex
  • Rapid/Dynapower
  • PEC/Udylite
  • American Plating Power
  • Dynatronix switchmodes


  • Anode bags
  • Anode baskets and hooks
  • Titanium clad anode bars
  • Chrome anodes
  • Carbon/Inert anodes


  • Wet/Dry Vacs that are chemical resistant
  • Turnkey plating lines
  • Singleton and Auto Technology salt spray chambers and parts
  • Air agitation blowers (Spencer)
  • Chillers (Sterling)
  • Fiberglass I-Beams for under tank support
  • GF Signet items
  • Tank Magnets
  • Equipment removal and install services