Bicycle Manufacturer – PR70

Bicycle Manufacturer – PR70

Graco has produced a new video detailing how Trek Bicycle has been utilizing the PR70 in their manufacturing process. The PR70 is a precision positive displacement metering device that supports a broad range of materials, viscosities, and applications.

Trek Bicycle uses the Graco PR70 for several different materials in varying shot sizes for frame assembly. Jim Colgrove–Senior Composites Manufacturing Engineer, Trek Bicycle–said of the PR70,

From an economic standpoint, we want it to be inexpensive to run, low maintenance, and extremely reliable. We’ve got that in spades with the PR70.

Regarding the service that Trek has received,

The guys that came basically had it up and running in a day, and that was just excellent. For us, it’s really critical to have local distributor service. Many times, we only have a single piece of equipment. If it’s down, we are not manufacturing, and that is a huge loss for us.

We’ve had no service issues. It has done its job really well. It’s helping us produce a high-quality product for our customers.

To learn more about the Graco PR70, you can contact your ICAFe Companies sales representative, or send an email to The manufacturer’s product page can be found here.